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Dangerous Beech

Ganoderma bracket Large

Large Ganoderma bracket on Beech tree

Here you see a large Ganoderma fungal bracket sprouting from a large mature Beech. In a nutshell the Ganoderma fungi turns the central core wood into sponge and leads to tree failure.

This tree was felled and below you will see how much live timber was keeping this huge tree upright. We section felled the tree using a Mobile Elevated Work Platform (M.E.W.P) as the integrity of the tree was unclear and posed to much risk to be climbed.

Ganoderma Cornwall Tree surgeon

Base of Beech tree with serious Ganoderma


Although this tree was felled for safety reasons the owners made good use of the timber and we processed it in to logs for them

Processing Logs splitter

Processing Logs