Tree Two One Services

We offer a range of solutions for your Tree and Garden upkeep. Below is a list of traditional services you would expect from a Tree Surgery company, but if you don’t see listed something that you would like to ask us about then please click here to contact us.

  • Removal of Deadwood
  • Crown Thinning
  • Crown Reduction
  • Crown lifting
  • Removal
  • Hedge works
  • Green Waste removal
  • Saw Mill Service

Removal of Deadwood

Dead wood is  a natural process for  trees.  Small interior branches receive less sunlight and are more prone to cold damage in the winter. The tree sends more sap up to those branches which are supporting the tree. Eventually the sap supply to the less productive branch is cut off, and the branch dies.

Hanging deadwood is often known as a ‘widow maker.’ Dead branches become brittle making them prone to breaking off during windy conditions with potential to cause harm to people or property.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is the process of removing a percentage of interior branches of the crown. This can be for reasons such as:

  • To reduce sail volume  making it less likely for the tree to be blown over if its vulnerable to wind.
  • To allow more light through the crown or to improve a view the tree is blocking.

Crown Reduction

Some trees grow faster than others and before long can become overbearing in their position. Crown reduction is the process of pruning the trees branches back by a certain percentage to suitable growth points. The aim of a reduction is to leave a tree’s crown in a similar or more practical
shape whilst retaining the tree.

Crown lifting

As we know trees grow in public areas and although the tree was there first we sometimes need to prune a tree’s lower branches to allow access by pedestrians or road traffic. Crown lifting is simply the removal of the lower branches, pruned directly to the stem to an agreed hight. This can be done to a single tree or to a group of trees that for part of a hedge row or drive way.


There are two methods for removing trees each with their own extra safety procedures:

Depending on the area below the tree we may decide to install a ‘rigging’ system involving high strain ropes, pulley blocks and friction devices to aid slow controlled lowering.

Hedge works

We provide all types of hedge-work. If you require a gentle prune and reshape of a conifer hedge or you have a Cornish hedgerow that has grown out of control.
We are also experienced Western Power Distribution contractors and carry insulated tool to work on LV and HV lines. We can work around ‘Live’ lines but if work requires the line to be de-energised we can arrange a shutdown of power on the providing circuit. We also can lay certain types of hedgerow trees and shrubs.


Green Waste removal

If you have undertaken garden maintenance and have branch and log waste we can provide a service where we simply chip/shred up your waste. As long as its fairly accessible.
This is a more cost effective method than hiring a skip and our wood chip waste goes to local farms and garden centres to be used as cattle bedding or mulch for flower beds.

Please Note: We can only chip up waste up to 6 inches in diameter and all waste must be purely wood, branches or coniferous wood. Our machine will not process metal or stones so we ask that no rakings or pallets are put in the chip pile.

Trewithen EstateTree surgeon wood chip


Saw Mill Service

Should you have a need for the timber from a job we can offer two types of milling service dependant on the size and location of the timber. We can offer an Alaskan saw mill (Picture above) for timber under 2 1/2 foot in diameter and a Peterson mobile saw mill for bigger stems.

The Peterson Mill is arranged through a third party we use and trust with no mark up.